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Journey through the Seasons

Take your shoes off (for Iona)

I see you
Only two
running round Congleton Park
Naked as the day you were born
wild and free
you climbed with bare feet
no fear, only fun
You soaked in the sun
no cream to shun its rays
We let it all sink in
those lazy summer days

Already a distant memory
I see you at eight
Already so vulnerable
To stress and pain

Strip off the cotton wool
Take off your shoes
Let it go
Feel the earth
Let it calm you down
As your toes feel the mess
of mud 
And the softness of grass. 

Love your body
Know it
don’t hide it
Feel free
You are
So precious
Too precious for it to matter
than your inner peace

The world is full of people
who don’t know who they are
they are hurting, scared, and lonely
clinging only
to what they think will save them
fitting in
doing the right thing – they think
because they don’t know
Who made them

It’s not about dying your hair purple when you’re 14
Or piercing everything
Have fun with you hair
try not to get infected
But seriously
trust me
that’s only a small thing
to the courage it takes
to really know
and be
who you are

So for now
Keep on
Running barefoot
Dancing in church
Wearing summer dresses in winter
Sandels in the snow
So one day
You’ll know
And have the courage to be
Who you are.

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  1. Beautiful April! Beautiful Iona! May love surround you where ever the road takes you xx

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