iona angeljudah learning journey

Some parents give much thought to where their children will begin their education, they deliberate, look around, and may even worry about which one to choose. In my case, it never occurred to me that my children would go anywhere else other than New Life Nursery. I didn’t know much about nursery education, or what the children did there, or how it all worked, I just knew that it’s where my kids belonged.

The wonderful activities, the learning journey scrapbook, the fun toys, and the opportunities to create art, listen to new stories, role play, dress up, and make friends have been like icing on the cake for me as a parent. What’s always mattered to me more than anything is that my children have been able to spend three hours a day with people who genuinely enjoyed being with them, who cared about them, who knew their personalities, and who took great delight in watching them grow and develop.

That has mattered more to me than any OFSTED report, or any progress my children have made, or anything else that’s gone on.

It’s the end of an era, and part of me is so sad it’s untrue, despite being excited about the upcoming season. I can only respond to these big emotions I’m feeling right now with a true sense of gratitude, of being so very thankful that such a place has existed for my kids, a place I know they will always carry memories from, however fuzzy around the edges. They will remember their preschool years with warm feelings, not because of what they did there, but because of who was there, and how they were made to feel, special, loved, known, wanted, and cherished.

Thank you New Life Nursery…..Thank you for being so in love with our kids and loving what you do and allowing God’s love to shine through you every single day.


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