So I read Glennon Melton’s “Carry on Warrior”

I’ve read bits of her blog and enjoyed her status updates on Facebook for awhile now. She came to my attention around the same time as Jen Hatmaker came on my radar.

The book is a great read. I loved her story, I love her writing, and I believe  she speaks so much truth.  Yay!

However. *this However makes me cringe*

My evangelical self cannot but help feel not entirely 100% positive about everything she says.  She makes me a little bit nervous!  But then at the same time I have to love and respect someone who simply does not have all the baggage of the evangelical church to balance as they make their way through their faith journey. They write their truth as they experience it and see it and it’s fresh and raw and prophetic and possibly keeps us know it all’s on our toes.

My questioning self who has come to a point where things have not exactly panned out in the way the Evangelical fairy tale promised, who is finding this new wave of Christian women speakers/authors like a breath of fresh air, and who is starting to finally realize that above all, a relationship with God is the goal, not accomplishing some “great thing for God”, finds Glennon’s writing and story very exciting and inspiring, and I’ve found myself recommending her book to my friends.

Actually, to my non Christian friends mainly.

But Then I start to worry. What if they love the book but somehow get the wrong idea about God because Glennon doesn’t exactly have the Roman’s Road approach in her story?  Some of her language  may imply things I’m not sure about exactly and then oh no what if I get in trouble for lending people books that are not Kosher? Eek.

Am I willing to take that risk? That maybe Glennon’s story and words and God’s truth in those things is a Jar of Clay that contains treasure that could bring someone closer to an awareness of God’s love in their life? I think I am.  Well I already have.





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