So I recently read a parenting book. This one was designed to help new parents maintain a healthy relationship after the arrival of a little one. It had some good tips and was very honest and straight talking and I’ll be passing it along to some of my new parents to-be friends.
The last chapter had this list of parenting tips you won’t find in any other book or antenatal class, stuff that’s worked for their family. One of the things the author mentioned he did was every Valentine’s Day he wrote a letter to each of his kids.

So instead of reading all his super amazing parent things he does and feeling that mixture of envy and self loathing, I figured I’d give it a try this year.

Dear Iona,

You know I love you. Sometimes I’m scared all you’ll remember from this age is this stressed busy mother who shouted at you for not getting in and out of the car fast enough. I hope you don’t remember all the times I’ve shouted at you for the state of your room or the state of your hair, because there have been far too many of those moments. I’m still very much learning how to be a parent, and as I have always said, you are my teacher. I can read books, look at other parents, pray, be mindful, all those good things, but ultimately it’s down to you and me, day in and day out, getting it wrong, and getting it right sometimes!
This last Christmas I looked at you up on stage with your friends at church, singing a song you’d learned in Sunday School. As I stood at the back of the hall and watched, it suddenly occurred to me, “I get to take that little girl home with me….she’s mine!!!” You are so precious to me Iona. If ever I’m rushing through a day, shouting about the stupid insignificant stuff, and too stressed for my own good, the best cure is stopping, and just looking at you. Looking into those big brown eyes, listening to your gorgeous sweet voice speaking, and taking in the strong minded eight year old girl you’ve become reminds me that I am so incredibly happy!
You are my precious little one….that little baby who just wanted her mummy all the time… taught me so much and you continue to do so.

You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re strong….and true to your name you are full of Grace.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Your Mummy

Dear Judah,

My little lion. You are so tall and handsome with your new hair cut I can hardly stand it! I am eating up every bit of this special season with you when you still want to crawl in each morning for a cuddle. When you still love to have cuddles and kisses and sit on my lap and be held.
I’m so proud of you settling into school so well. I’m so excited to watch you grow and learn and it feels like you are getting older every single day.
I love listening to you singing, as you go throughout your day, always a song in your heart. I love how you still have a real sweetness about you, and even though you’re turning into a big strong boy who loves to kick footballs, run around, and shout at the top of your voice, you are still incredibly tender and affectionate.

You’re my gorgeous baby boy and I love you,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love mummy


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