Today is one of those days. I’m so tired. I have a lot I want to do. The usual. Normal actually.

I was rushing around upstairs dressing the kids. Earlier Iona had suggested we put some “lovely music on” Ok. I suppose it makes a change from the usual background noise of Cbeebies. So I put on one of my favourite Christmas music* As I was walking around upstairs,  music drifted upwards, and I heard the words of the choir singing…”All is Well”

Yesterday I wrote about the traditions of Christmas, But today, I am humbled, and I want to express the joy of the real meaning of the day.

“All is well”, sure in someone else’s life maybe…we think. But the miracle of Christmas is that, All really is well…because, He was born….God with skin on..we could touch him, and he could touch us.

Celebrating Christmas in our home this year is a time to be thankful for how far we’ve come, and for the fact that we’ve made it through the year, incredibly blessed with this house, and God’s grace. But life is never all sorted out. Nothing is ever perfect. There is still hard work ahead, challenges, frustrations, imperfections, wrinkles to be ironed out.

On the day to day it becomes so easy to forget the big picture and become utterly consumed and depressed about the present difficulties. I’m tired, I haven’t showered, the house is messy, my kids are not in perfect health, I’m feeling disconnected from people and insecure, I’m  yelling at my kids too much for nothing, my relationships still need hard work,  it’s been just one too many nights of broken sleep, money is tight this month, the car is frozen shut, My mom has cancer, my family is far away, all those things….

But…because of Christmas…I can say with all the confidence in my heart:  “All is Well”  Because He is with us. Emmanuel.

Because He came that night…I have the gift of this life…with all it’s blessings, challenges, tears, pain, heartache, beauty, suffering, inconsistencies, imperfections…..and I can walk each day, knowing I’m not alone….Emmanuel.

That little baby in the manger grew up..became a man….and then gave his life…for all of us…so we could have life to the full…and life eternal.

All is Well

*Michael W. Smith Christmas

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