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Day 4. A little perspective. Open Hands, Open heart.

Ok, if people did not see this on my facebook page, have a look here.

This week, my “hardships” would be more along the lines of “had to butter warm toast for my three year old this morning”

I really have no clue what hardship is like. I really don’t.

I remembered this¬†song¬†this morning while getting ready, and I thought “yes! this is it! this is how I’m feeling today, and this is what I’m going to remember today anytime I’m starting to feel like this experiment is “hard”. For this week, i’ve let go of my the usual things I grab when I want something to comfort, and instead…opening my hands, opening my heart, and looking forward to what He has for me.

I am certainly missing things….craving like crazy at times, almost feeling panicked, not being able to reach for the comfort of food. But I’m still here! I’ve survived. I’m really no worse for wear. I’m tired (lack of coffee), but I’m in one piece, and like, yeah. I’m really honestly ok. I’m no where near close to suffering, hardship, or pain.

Getting a sense of perspective is useful.

So is hanging out at a lovely friend’s house all morning and then after the school run hanging out at another lovely friend’s house. Yay for community and not doing it alone!

"had to wait till after the school run to have my breakfast because I couldn't get out of my nice comfy bed" #wellandtrulyblessed

“had to wait till after the school run to have my breakfast because I couldn’t get out of my nice comfy bed” #wellandtrulyblessed





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  1. Oh you’re so good with words! And totally right. we don’t all know what hardship really is. Perspective… Must think about that a lot more.

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