I’ve just finished my last official “7” meal. I was so hungry I forgot to photograph it, not that it would have made a very interesting picture.

I’ve enjoyed the simplicity this week of the food choices. I’ve enjoyed the way it’s made me more sensitive to the Spirit, because I have not been “allowed” to quickly reach for the anaesthetic of food to carry me through life’s stressful moments. I’ve experienced huge cravings, but felt the boundaries I set for myself allowed me to be reminded that there is a world of difference between need and want.

I’ve enjoyed SO much hearing from other people in the group. They’ve blessed me and mainly humbled me. Sure I did the dramatic “7” foods, but some of them who have made the slightest adjustments have actually benefited the most…because their hearts have been rendered, and they have approached this whole thing with an open mind and a willing heart.

I woke up this morning to find my lap top had been stolen. Meh :(

I have like this…rebelliousness in me when it comes to personal security. So I’m unforgivably lazy about it. It probably stems from growing up in a home where we never locked our doors, and whenever someone randomly decided to, it was viewed as a massive inconvenience having to wait for them to come unlock the door for us.

So our lax attitude caught up with us and last night some local lads (so the police strongly suspect) came into our house and quickly grabbed my lap top (which I’d only had for 3 weeks) and our camera. Again. All I can say is Meh :(

It’s certainly not the end of the world. But it stinks :( I feel sad, disappointed, and annoyed, and I am not close to “getting over” these feelings any time soon.
However, today was full of a lot of lovely moments, and I’m so glad, there was space….to feel them.

Iona’s reaction to finding out. She smiled, got excited, and set about drawing and cutting out paper magnifying glasses so that she and Judah could look for clues.magnifying glasses

When the forensic officer arrived, Judah and Iona both crouched down and watched her   forensics

Later that afternoon I made everyone a roast dinner, and got so much satisfaction out of seeing them all eating it and enjoying it, especially the vegetables I’d bought yesterday at
the Farmer’s Market.


This seven stuff is messy. It’s not a lot of neat and tidy lessons we can learn in a week and then move on from. It’s just beginning a process in us, that we will likely wrestle with for the rest of our lives.

Yes, My kids are safe. Thank God. Yes, we have food to eat, and love between us. But I’m still feeling yucky inside because I just REALLY loved having my own laptop. I’m now stealing time on Jon’s desktop while he is momentarily distracted….*sigh*

We’ve got a week to continue meditating on the “food” issue..thanks to Bank Holiday tomorrow. Yay! Then it’s on to Clothing!


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